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Drungewick aqueduct


Work starts on this last phase!



Work started on this last phase of the Loxwood Link Extension project on 3 May 2002 when the contractors moved onto the site.

contractors on site (10K) 

  widening access to field (11K)

The first task was to widen the access gate into the field -



- and then to lay a temporary road of hardcore to allow the heavy plant to come on site.

laying hardcore road (9K) 

  half built temporary bridge (11K)

A temporary bridge is being constructed to get the heavy plant across the River Lox. Standing on the half-built bridge is the 43 tonne excavator - this is to test the bridge!



With that task accomplished there are now two 'bridges' across the river at this point!

two temporary bridges (15K) 

  gas bottles high in the air (5K)

At the end of the day the gas bottles were suspended high in the air by the crane. This should frustrate any potential thieves who could use them to get into the cabin for the expensive equipment.

gas bottles high up in crane (5K) 


At the same time the entrance to the site was blocked by the large digger, so no trespassers here!

[digital pictures: Eric Walker]

entrance blocked by digger (K) 


One of the first operations will be bored piling to support the foundations for the aqueduct. This could encounter some problems due to the buried remains of the original aqueduct which was removed in the early 1950s.


The piling


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