Bicentenary Celebrations - Saturday October 1, 2016
Part 1
Bicentenary Celebrations Part 2
Chairman Sally Schupke, technical liaison officer Alan Johnson and secretary Tony Tyrell toast the start of the baton relay at Pallingham.
Chairman Sally Schupke hands the baton to director Margaret Darvill for her relay stint.
Alan Johnson hands the baton to May Upton (Graeme Lewington) at Drungewick.
WACT members in period dress, at Drungewick to help small boats launch, wave off the baton.
Wiggonholt on its bacon bap cruise to collect the baton at Drungewick.
A special bicentennial banner on the wall of the Canal Centre.
Boat crew members all dress up for the occasion on the towpath at the Canal Centre.
In traditional dress on the bow of Zachariah Keppel ready for a horse-drawn cruise.
Zachariah Keppel’s crew turns the boat round by hand before a return trip from Brewhurst Lock to Loxwood.
Looking authentic behind the counter in the Canal Centre.
Bolt-together boat Minack being launched at Drungewick for the small boats rally up to Loxwood.
Press and publicity officer Rob Searle and Trust secretary Tony Tyrrell, in early 1800s garb, chatting at the Canal Centre.
Graeme Lewington giving a talk to members of the public on Wiggonholt during the afternoon tea cruise.
Trust director Julian Morgan waits on the bridge at Devil’s Hole Lock for Wiggonholt to pass by on its way to Southland with the baton.
Bicentenary Celebrations Part 2
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