Bicentenary Celebrations - Sunday October 2, 2016
Part 2
Bicentenary Celebrations Part 1
Lengthsman Peter Hyem, on bank, hands the bicentennial baton over to Richard Emsley in his mouseboat at Tickner’s Heath.
Spectators, including Trust Patrons Malcolm and Susan Brenton, watch and photograph proceedings at Compasses Bridge.
Canoeists taking part the Compasses Small-Boats Rally pass under the completed Compasses Bridge.
Compasses project engineer Tony Ford gives his speech during the opening ceremony.
Health and Safety Director John Talbot and Loxwood Link Manager Kevin Baker chat during the Compasses proceedings.
Dame Penelope Keith unveils the plaque commemorating the opening of Compasses Bridge.
Compasses Site Manager Dave Evans receives a gift from Tony Ford in recognition of his efforts during the construction project.
Janet Phillips canoes towards Fast Bridge carrying the bicentennial baton.
Julian Morgan cycles across the Cranleigh Waters Bridge, on the Downs Link Path at Shalford, with the bicentennial baton in hand.
Craft assemble at Gun’s Mouth, Shalford, for the flotilla which accompanied the baton up to Dapdune Wharf.
Trust Chairman Sally Schupke was among the ringers at St Mary’s Church, Shalford, as the bells rang out for the passing of the WACT flotilla on the nearby River Wey.
Malcolm and Susan Brenton on Trincomalee, owned by Trust members Euan and Joanne Houstoun, on its way to Dapdune Wharf with the baton.
Guildford Mayor Gordon Jackson receives the baton from Susan Brenton at Dapdune Wharf.
Members and guests enjoying the tea party at the Guildford Sea Cadets HQ on Dapdune Wharf.
Guildford Mayor Gordon Jackson christens member Paul Barfield’s new narrowboat Wey-Away with champagne.
Guildford Mayor Gordon Jackson, Trust Chairman Sally Schupke listens to Mike Lewis of Guildford and Reading branch of the Inland Waterways Association praise the work of the Trust as he presents a £1,000 donation to WACT.
Bicentenary Celebrations Part 1
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