Bramley Link Exhibition
At Bramley Village Hall on 8/9 October 2004

In partnership with South East Development Agency, Surrey County Council, Waverley Borough Council and The Halcrow Group, Consulting Civil Engineers. (Proposed Routes)


The original route of the Wey & Arun Canal passed through Bramley. This route is now blocked by housing.

stanton old wharf

Wharf Cottage as it was in the mid 19th century when the canal ran past. The photo shows William Stanton, A bargemaster and popular figure in Bramley. The beam of the lock gate is just visible in the right of the photo. This was one of the images on display at the exhibition.

Photo Copyright © P A L Vine

The New Route

Four possible routes were presented by the Halcrow Group and local residents invited to express their views.

The Exhibition

Just over 700 hundred local people attended and many filled in a questionnaire. Bramley residents who did not fill in one at the time but would like to do so should download a copy from here. (Please complete and return the form by the 25th of October.)

The Mayor and Mayoress of Waverley, Clr Victor Duckett & Mrs Janet Maines viewing the display.

mayor mayoress

The Routes

The Halcrow study proposed four routes, basically two making use of the line of the old railway and two the valley of Cranleigh Water.

One railway route has the waterway along the line of the railway, with a bridleway alongside it. The other has the boats being transported on rails along the old railway but retaining the bridleway. This has been done elsewhere and is popular with those who wish to keep the idea of restoring the railway.

One river route proposes combining the river and canal as has been done successfully with the River Wey. The other allows for constructing a canal alongside Cranleigh Water with some crossing points.

tannery lane bridge

All four routes would join the existing part of the Wey & Arun at Guns Mouth, Shalford.

All four routes would be accompanied by sensitive management of the environment. The exhibition showed how restoration of the sections of the waterway further south has resulted in greater biodiversity and given great enjoyment to local residents.

damsel fly


Twenty five local people joined the WACT during the exhibition. If you wish to support the work of the Trust and would like to join a membership form can be downloaded here.


Click here for details of the routes proposed by The Halcrow Group


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