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Barnsill Bridge


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The Wey & Arun Canal bridges were built by Josiah Jessop during the construction of the canal from 1813 to 1816. The original bridge carried a track which linked Flitchfold Farm with Drungewick Hill Farm.



The bridge had long been demolished and the site had become a piped causeway which was satisfactory for farming needs, but after the landowner had cleared the stretches of canal on each side it was decided that these should be joined again with a new bridge.

[photo: John Ward]

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Construction of the new bridge was carried out by Richard Julian and although using modern materials of concrete and steel,

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the bridge was designed by the Trust's consultant engineer Richard Lamey to present an appearance in character with the original.

[above 3 photos: Peter Foulger]

semi-completed bridge (9K)

  completed bridge (6K)

In order to achieve this the bridge is clad in brick, with parapets of Yorkshire stone.



The new bridge was officially opened in September 1989 by the Canal Trust's President Lord Egremont.

Left to Right -
Peter Foulger (landowner)
Peter Beresford (Canal Trust Chairman)
Lord Egremont

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  commemorative plaque (9K)  

The commemorative plaque to mark the occasion can be seen on the bridge parapet.



Two years later, in 1991 the banks had mellowed,

new bridge with grass banks (8K)  

  Barnsill Bridge (8K)  

and by 1996 the bridge had become an integral part of the landscape.



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