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Drungewick Lane Canal Bridge

- part of the Loxwood Link Extension Project

These are normally used to take streams under a canal. When a bridge on an unused canal is removed a culvert under the road allows drainage, thus preventing build up of water.


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Estimated cost of the bridge was approx 300,000 (UKP) plus a lot of volunteer labour.


The construction of this bridge marked a 'milestone' in the Trust's history as it was the first public road bridge to be commissioned by the Trust.



The original brick arch canal bridge at Drungewick Lane was built in the early 19th century. However, after the canal was closed and abandoned, and canal traffic having ceased in 1868, no maintenance was carried out and by 1905 the bridge was in such a state of disrepair, that the local authority was persuaded to remove it.

The closure notice was dated July 3rd 1905.

Drungewick Bridge and road closure notice (11K)

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The canal was culverted under the road and soon only a small gap in the hedge showed where the bridge had been, until the late 1990s when the site was cleared.

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The building of the new bridge at this site was undertaken solely by contractors under the control and direction of West Sussex County Council, Highways Department, although Trust volunteers carried out related tasks.

  Preparatory work for building the new bridge  


Notice of closure of Drungewick Lane for the building of the new bridge was dated 24 July 2000. This had most effect from the river bridge to a position 200 yards further south (up the hill), that would be in use by the contractors.

[photo: Iris Piggott]

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To provide continuing access on the bridleway, a diversion was set out for horse riders and pedestrians around the work site to the west, by the river.


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