Devil's Hole Lock.

Devil's Hole Lock is the most northerly of the stone built locks on the canal. Numbered Lock 6, numbering from Newbridge, the start of the Wey & Arun Junction Canal, this lock is believed to have been used during WW2 by the Canadian army for explosive practice. As result the lock chamber was extensively damaged.
devils hole lock

Devil's Hole Lock in July 2004. The off side wall has been totally rebuilt from the invert up for approximately two thirds of it's length.
devils hole lock

The nearside wall which also required extensive repairs.
devils hole lock

The upper pound with the stop planks in place. The blue pipe is the outlet from a land drain. A back pumping spilway is being built at this location. Restoration of this lock was carried out by Eric Walker's Group, now known as the TSG (Thursday & Sunday Group).

Last updated Aug. 2006