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Devil's Hole Lock Lengthening - 2

dhl traing wall blinding
The blinding on the offside laid and the flood water diverted past. (Nov 22, 2009.).
(Photo: Peter Savage)

dhl top cill flood water release
The completed walls for the top cill. The next stage is to cast the copings. Flood water is being released from the upper pound to enable the blinding for the training wall to be layed. (Nov 22, 2009.).
(Photo: Peter Savage)

plaque presentation
Rob Taylor being presented with the PEDAL 2009 Plaque by Eric Walker in recognition of his fund raising efforts. The total raised by the PEDAL was in the region of £1570. (Nov 22, 2009.).
(Photo: Peter Savage)

dhl cable trunking
The final length of trunking for the back pump power cable being laid. (Nov 22, 2009.).
(Photo: Peter Savage)

dhl off side gate recess
Off side upper gate recess. (Nov 12, 2009.).
(Photo: Richard Emsley)

dhl nearside gate recess
The nearside upper gate recess up to coping level and backfilled with concrete. (Nov 12, 2009.).
(Photo: Richard Emsley)

dhl windinhg hole
The Devil's Hole winding hole near completion and connected to the main chanel. (Nov 12, 2009.).
(Photo: Richard Emsley)

dhl upper cill
The upper cill viewed from the pound above.(Nov 5, 2009.).
(Photo: Richard Crook)
See also clearance work at Southland Lock.
dhl paddle close-up
A close up view of the offside ground paddle and frame. Unlike classic paddle gear, which is made of wood, these are made of a plastic based material which will last longer. (Nov 5, 2009.).
(Photo: Richard Crook)

dhl south cill wall
View looking south east. The block walls have reached coping stone level for most of the length and the gap filled with concrete. On the far side (towpath side) most of the blocks have reached coping level. (Nov 5, 2009.).
(Photo: Richard Crook)

dhl iron ware
The cast iron ware for the lock has been delivered, quoins, ground paddle winding gear and bollards. (Oct 18, 2009.).
(Photo: Tim Jolly)

Rapid progress on the south wall of the cill. It is important to get this to finished height before the bad weather starts and causes the earth sides to collapse. The north wall has reached a similar height. (Oct 4, 2009.).
(Photo: Peter Savage)

winding hole excavation
The excavations for the winding hole below Devil's Hole Lock. To build the winding hole, which will be on part of the original river line before it was diverted and left the Ox-bow, we have had to remove the years of silt down to the hard clay and then build back up again using good compacted material to provide a base for the winding hole bank where it crosses the line of the old river. The red machine is a remotely controlled earth compactor. (Oct 4, 2009.).
(Photo: Peter Savage)

 dhl cable duct
Installing the cable duct for the DHL back-pump. A distance of approx. 600m towards Southland Lock to a cabinet installed close to a pole mounted transformer. (Sep. 13, 2009.).
(Photo: Peter Savage)

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