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The Thames to the Solent by Canal and Sea ~ J.B.Dashwood
get Acrobat Reader In 1867, J.B.Dashwood made a trip through the canal in a pleasure boat. He wrote a book about his experiences, "The Thames to the Solent by Canal and Sea" (published by Longmans Green & Co, London, 1868). In addition to the on-line electronic version (Acrobat Reader required), a reprint of this book is available (published by Shepperton Swan, Shepperton, 1980). It is available from the Trust. The book describes the state of the canal at that time, and also contains some interesting drawings.

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The online version is a 547k PDF file.
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London's Lost Route to the Sea ~ P.A.L.Vine
A comprehensive history of the canal is contained in the book "London's Lost Route to the Sea" by P.A.L.Vine, revised edition published in 1996. Available from the Trust.   Read a review.
Currently out of print (2016).