Lording's Lock

This lock forms a continuation of the aqueduct and ajoining waterwheel. Unusually for a lock of this width (12 feet), it was fitted with a single gate at the head end. The gate pivot and hence the balance beam being on the offside (non-tow path side of the lock).

The Offside (West) Wall of Lordings Lock under going repairs May 23, 2004, the day of the Lording's small boat rally. View looking South
lock wall
The Offside wall almost complete up to coping stone level on June 15, 2004. View looking North
lock wall
The nearside (East) wall being re-built on Sept 9, 2004. View looking North.
lock wall east
The nearside (East) wall on March 12, 2005. View looking North.
lock wall nearside
The offside (West) wall on May 22, 2005. View looking North. The coping stones are in position but most are not yet fixed.
lock wall nearside
The top cill and gate recess with the aqueduct beyond on May 22, 2005. The brick invert is being re-pointed to minimise leakage.
aqueduct with water
2007 - The lock and aqueduct filled with water lifted from the river by the water-wheel. Note the 2 metre depth indicator.

Last updated Sat. 10 Nov 2007