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Loxwood Bridge Construction - 1

The Loxwood Canal Bridge construction site is the responsibility of C J Thorne Co Ltd. The B2133 road is open for cars and light vans. Being a construction site there are hazards and for this reason the public not allowed on the site at any time. We seek your co-operation in this matter. The pedestrian walkway gives the best view of the works and there is nothing of the bridge that can be seen from anywhere else.

Piling was completed on Jan 30, 2008. Piling equipment will be taken off site on Jan 31.
Burras arrived on site on the 3 Jan and started drilling on the 8 Jan.
The road was closed for five days only and then traffic controls for single line working were introduced. There were 142 piles to drill and by end of 22 Jan a total of 77 had been done.
Work will concentrate on the west side of the road followed by the east side of the road.,
The plan is to divert the traffic to the west of the road when the piling is finished and excavate between the piles. When the workers are in the trench formed by the excavation, they are at risk from vehicles over 7.5T passing close by. Action is being taken to restrict vehicles over 7.5T from using the road,

boring rig
Setting out the piles on the west of the road. Jan 25, 2008
(Photo: Eric Walker)

boring rig
It is a very small site for so much machinery, further complicated by the passage of traffic through the work.
(Photo: Eric Walker)

boring rig
Setting out the piles on the west of the road. Details of the piling operation here.
(Photo: Eric Walker)

boring rig
The Pulborough stone abutments of the 1813 bridge have been found and the drill simply went through them.
(Photo: Eric Walker)

boring rig
The road closed and the boring rig in place.
(Photo: Janet Phillips)

eric walker
WACT's Project Manager, Eric Walker, clearly delighted that bridge construction has finally started.

The auger lined up to bore the first 450mm diameter hole (through the road and way below) for the concrete piles. Photo taken on Jan 8, 2008.

Assembling the reinforcing cage for the concrete piles.

Ready mixed concrete is transfered into a mixer drum on the skid, ready for the concrete pump to deliver it through the flexible hose to fill the holes drilled for the piles

The reinforcement cage being lowered into the concrete filled hole- lowering the steel simply displaces wet concrete from the hole. There will be two rows of piles running diagonally across the road, each row forming a bridge abutment.

Spoil from the bores being collected and removed.

Some locals are enjoying the peace resulting from the road being closed. Here Mr Clifton, the Loxwood cabinet maker, is shown working in the street.

high street
Viewed looking north, the road is being cleaned prior to re-opening to traffic.

high street
Looking south, photographed on Jan 11, 2008 mid afternoon. The road was re-opened to traffic at 5pm on Friday, Jan 11, 2008. Piling remains to be done to the west of the B2133. During the bridge construction the road will be traffic light controlled alternate single lane working.

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