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IWA's Little Venice canalway cavalcade.

Double a donation to WACT on Thursday

Help guarantee the Trust’s income.

Help guarantee the Trust’s income.

Turn a fiver into a tenner for WACT.

Volunteers required to help with MDV manning    Updated Apr 4, 2017.

Numbers Game & Winners.

We can claim Gift Aid on items donated for sale

People who donate items for sale on behalf of Trust funds – paintings, books and artefacts for example – should make sure they fill in one of our special Gift Aid forms so that we can add value to the proceeds.

Gift Aid enables the Trust to add 25% to donations and subscriptions from UK tax payers. All members are hopefully already registered for Gift Aid to cover their subscriptions and monetary donations. If not, a form and instructions are available via the Donations page.

For items donated to be sold on behalf of WACT, on eBay or at auction for example, we can claim on the amount the Trust receives for the item. A special agreement form is required for this (click here to download). All future donations of goods will be covered once you have returned it to the Trust.

We will contact you after the sale to inform you how much your donation was sold for and confirm that you are happy with the money going to the Trust.

A documentary film of a Journey on the Canal. Available on DVD. The film retraces the diaried account of Victorian yachtsman J.B. Dashwood and rediscovers his epic 1867 inland voyage along the Surrey & Sussex canals. More...