Piling at the Onslow

Before piling could commence the canal had to be drained and soft silt removed to provide a firm access for the machinery. Oct, 2005. The piling is required in order to stabilise the offside bank when the canal is lowered to pass under the Loxwoood High Street, the B2133. (Photo: Phil Broadley)

A hardcore base was provided to support the piling machine. The machine drills a hole in the ground using an auger. When the required depth is reached the auger is withdrawn and the hole filled with concrete which is poured via a tube running down the centre of the auger. When the hole is full of concrete a 'cage' of re-inforced steel rods is placed into the concrete. A re-inforcing 'cage' can be seen on the ground on the lower right of the picture. (Photo: Phil Broadley)

Oct 6 2005. A re-inforcing 'cage' being lowered into the poured concrete. The 'cage' is so heavy that it falls most of the way under its own weight into the concrete, with a gentle press being required by the excavator for the final couple of feet.

By Nov. 9 2005 the piling had finished and the re-routed sewer was being constructed. The present sewer is in the roadway at the site of the new bridge and will be in the way of the bridge construction. At this stage the pipe is being layed but will not be connected until work on the bridge starts. (Photo: Richard Emsley)

A view along the Onslow pound from the road crossing. The excavator is almost at the trip boat jetty. Once the sewer pipes have been layed the pound will be re-filled in preparation for the Santa Cruises. (Photo: Richard Emsley)

An unusual view (these days) of the Onslow pound and Brewhurst Lock. (Photo: Richard Emsley)

The Onslow pound on Nov 9, 2005 looking from Brewhurst Lock towards the Onslow Arms. As stated above, the pound will be re-filled before the start of the Santa Cruises in December. (Photo: Richard Emsley)

The Onslow pound on Nov 24, 2005 looking from the trip boat landing stage towards the B2133. The canal bed is being re-puddled with clay in preparation for re-watering. (Photo: Richard Emsley)

Photos: Richard Crook, unless otherwise stated.


Last updated May 26, 2006