Lowering the Onslow Pound 2.

Excavator in pound
One the dumpers crosses the B2133 loaded with spoil from the Onslow pound. Picture taken on Aug 15, 2006. Temporary traffic lights operated by Trust members are used to control vehicles using the B2133 when a dumper makes a crossing. (Photo: Richard Emsley)

Onslow pound
Onslow pound looking west on Aug. 24, 2006 with the towpath lowered, the offside bank profiled and the channel being dug to the final depth. (Photo: Richard Crook)

Sand patch
The patch of red sand in the foreground uncovered when the towpath was lowered is believed to have been a marker used by the original canal builders. (Photo: Richard Crook)

Sand patch
Onslow pound on September 8, 2006. The trench in the centre is for the nearside retaining wall. (Photo: Richard Crook)

Sand patch
The rear of the Onslow Arms, with the garden area levelled and lowered to be closer to the new level of the canal. (Photo: Richard Crook)

Onslow Arms
The lowering of the pound is almost complete. The concrete piles placed at the end of 2005 are now visible along the off-side. The pub's garden, including the Wendy house has been almost re-instated. Picture taken on Sept. 12, 2006. (Photo: Richard Emsley)

End of Onslow pound
A view of the present end of the pound, looking towards the B2133. The next step is to build the bridge/tunnel under the road. (Photo: Richard Emsley)

Onslow arms
The fence at the back of the Onslow Arms has been re-built and the lawns turfed. Photographed on Oct 4, 2006, note the amount of rain water which has accumulated in the canal. The concrete piles on the offside have still to be capped. (Photo: Richard Emsley)

Onslow arms
The new re-profiled rear garden at the Onslow Arms two weeks after the grass was layed. (Photo: Eric Walker)

Onslow arms
The scene behind the Onslow Arms on Nov. 2, 2006. Work in progress for the sewer diversion. (Photo: Richard Crook)

Onslow arms
A view taken on Nov 9, 2006 of the nearside (south) wall under construction along the western section of the pound close to the Onslow Arms.. (Photo: Richard Emsley)

Onslow arms wall
The 'L' section concrete wall in position near the Onslow Arms on Nov. 10, 2006. The wall allows deeper water close to the edge for boats to moor along this section. (Photo: Richard Emsley)

pile capping
The sewer manhole which connects the new diverted sewer into the pumping station behind the Onslow Arms. In the background the reinforcing has started for the concrete capping on the piles. (Photo: Eric Walker)

behind onslow
The scene behind the Onslow Arms on Nov. 23, 2006. The new sewer has now been connected and is in use. The reinforcing for the capping of the piles on the left is underway. (Photo: Richard Crook)

behind onslow
This will be a view of the bridge!. Picture taken on Jan 1, 2007. (Photo: Janet Phillips)

behind onslow
The almost complete capped piling on the right. A bund or temporary dam has been placed across the end of the channel. (Photo: Bill Nicholson)

bund removal at brewhurst
Jan 30, 2007. The bund above the lowered Brewhurst Lock being removed. (Photo: Janet Phillips)

bund removed at brewhurst
Feb 1, 2007. Brewhurst Lock with the bund removed. (Photo: Richard Crook)

bund removal at brewhurst
Feb 1, 2007. The view from Brewhurst towards the Onslow Arms. (Photo: Janet Phillips)

Feb 1, 2007. Behind the Onslow Arms viewed from the B2133. The bund across the channel will allow the canal to be in water while work on the bridge proceeds. (Photo: Richard Crook)

onslow wall
Feb 14, 2007. Following heavy rain, the muddy scene behind the Onslow Arms where the stone retaing wall is being rebuilt. Some of the stone for this wall has come from the chamber walls of the lowered Brewhurst Lock. (Photo: Richard Emsley)

onslow milepost
The milepost has now been re-instated at the end of the stone retaining wall behind the Onslow Arms. (Photo: Richard Emsley)

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