Lowering the Onslow Pound 1.

Onslow pound empty
July 6, 2006. The Onslow Pound drained prior to work starting on lowering the pound and Brewhurst Lock. (Photo: Richard Crook)

Onslow pound
The Onslow pound looking East on Aug 3, 2006 with the offside hedge removed and the new boundary fence installed. The area on the left is being cleared for the winding hole. (Photo: Richard Crook)

Music to them. As they started burning the scrub preparatory to lowering the pound, a guitarist turned up. Why, I will never know. (Photo: Eric Walker)

Dumper in field
Aug. 3, 2006. It's enormous. Alice the archaeologist stands alongside the dumper to give a scale to things. It is hoped to use up to three of them to move the spoil from the Onslow pound. (Photo: Eric Walker)

Dumper with A
A gives instructions to the driver It was a requirement by WSCC that an archaeologist examined the ground as the topsoil was removed. (Photo: Eric Walker)

Removing topsoil
Has A seen something? It could be very boring, nothing is expected to be found anyway. (Photo: Photo: Eric Walker)

Removing topsoil
Picture taken on Aug 4, 2006 with the topsoil being removed from a large area, prior to the dumping of the spoil taken from the lowering of the Onslow pound.. (Photo: Richard Emsley)

Excavating winding hole
Picture taken on Aug 13, 2006 looking east. Showing the excavation for the new offside winding hole. (Photo: Julian Morgan)

Excavating winding hole
The new winding hole viewed looking west. The ramp is for the dumper lorries to take the spoil across the road and along the towpath to a field near Devil's Hole. (Photo: Julian Morgan)

Dumper truck
Cutting back the offside bank of the Onslow pound. Picture looking west. (Photo: Richard Emsley)

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